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Implementing Change Cyprus Startup Manifesto Implementation 2016

If there’s a single thing characterizing all entrepreneurs across the world is that they are doers. Moving fast and breaking things. Changing things. One thing’s for sure. They don’t just bitch. They do. Or bitch and do. But definetely DO.

So when you are in a small but beautiful island in the South Eastern corner of the Mediterranean, with less than a million inhabitants, post 2013 financial crisis, what exactly do you do to change things?Unite and Do. That’s what you Do.Inspired by the European Startup Manifesto, the local startup ecosystem of Cyprus united, crowdsourced and curated the Cyprus Startup Manifestoguided by a simple yet prawevoking and definetely inspiring vision. To Startup Cyprus.Being naturally startup minded, we, the startup and innovation ecosystem of Cyprus, believed we should not let a good crisis go to waste. The challenges our economy was facing, were a perfect opportunity for reform in order to come back stronger, and materialize our vision to Startup Cyprus.So basically, the startup and innovation ecosystem of Cyprus came together, united in its efforts to support the vision to Startup Cyprus.Drawn from the combined experience of Cypriots who were lucky enough to imagine, build, grow and support successful businesses — innovative, competitive businesses that create jobs — we distilled the following actions which, taken together, can give Cypriot businesses the best chance of future success. See more here