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How we gathered 2,7K emails & 6,2K page views in 72hrs spending only $150

If you’re a friend of mine, you’ve probably already seen this post show up in your Facebook newsfeed recently.If you’re not a friend and have still seen it, that’s pretty awesome!At a very early stage in our company’s life cycle we decided to invest in content marketing. We knew we were dealing with a sensitive demographic and felt we could easily connect with our audience.We believed we could build ourselves up as thought leaders in the parenting space. Gaining trust with our community as we work on our mission to positively impact every family on the planet.With that in mind we went on to setup a blog where we pushed to create fresh unique content daily.The blog saw moderate success after taking it from 0–25K monthly visitors in our first 4 months. Although it was a good start, it was not that explosive growth you would expect from a startup.  See more here