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27 tips to nailing your Product Hunt launch in 3 minutes!

27 tips to nailing your Product Hunt launch in 3 minutes!This guide is intended for the unprepared, who have just been hunted and need fast advice. This worked for us at helping us get over 500 upvotes and finishing 4th on the day behind Adobe & Facebook, but is by no means the perfect formulae.

  1. Make sure you are prepared before being hunted (if not it’s also ok, just skip to point 2).
  2. Breathe…
  3. Stop shouting, your team mates are next to you. Their hearing hasn’t suddenly deteriorated since the PH launch :)
  4. If you have not been added as a maker on your product, tweet to Product Hunt to get added asap.
  5. Update your PH listing with your artwork to make it more appealing. A gif is a great way to stand out!
  6. Introduce yourself and the product to the community in the chat.
  7. Invite your team members as makers to join the conversation. Make sure to respond to all comments from the community.
  8. Breathe…
  9. Check your servers to make sure they are handling the traffic and keep an eye on it.
  10. Share through all your social channels, personal profiles & company pages.
  11. Get on twitter and spread the word to influencers and people that would find your product useful!
  12. Don’t spam! you will get called out :)
  13. Find relevant facebook groups and share.
  14. Find relevant google communities and share.
  15. Reach out to message boards and communities that are relevant to your product, Growth Hackers & worked well for us.
  16. Try not to share the direct link where possible, it works best if people discover your product on their own with the PH algorithm.
  17. Create an easy to follow template of how people can “discover” you and upvote if they find your product interesting, to help you when sharing ;) (You are not theoretically supposed to ask for an upvote).
  18. Probably the most important point of all is to create a cool product, if it is useful, the community will upvote. We just passed the 500 upvotes mark with Adsvise and still going strong.
  19. Post to slack teams, they are great! has a great list of teams to get you started.
  20. Post to Reddit! r/startupr/entrepreneur & r/business are good but find the most relevant to your product and post there and ask for honest feedback.
  21. Send out a mail to your contacts & mailing lists.
  22. Don’t sleep! Product Hunt’s day starts and ends at 00:00 PST, make the most of it!

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